Monday, February 23, 2009


Love at the Back Seat of a bus
Shaz, Ruwi and Sachi

One fine afternoon, V3 find themselves in the back seat of the bus which is quite a ‘happening’ place to be especially for couples.

“Why is the back seat of the bus always promptly taken by lovers?” asks Shaz.

Sachi ponders and replies, “It’s the fact that rooms and cinema halls can be expensive with the current cost of living”.

“It is the most private space in a public place for lovers to congregate” says Ruwi.

However, in Sri Lanka, public display of affection, better known as PDA is looked down upon and many have different views on it.

“If you want to love, then it should be in a very private place, the back seat of a bus is rather public as anyone can see it if they look” says Ruwi.

Sachi comes up with a different point, “I think that people should tolerate love because is the essence of life but one thing can always lead to another”.

Well, the one thing leading to another is a rather controversial topic to debate and V3 had their ideas on love as well.

“In fact, most of the first experiences of love are in a bus, especially for students where the flame is sparked by a gentle touch of a bus handlebar or even a simple smile in a crowd” says Shaz.

“That is true and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of loving otherwise you will get frustrated” comments Sachi.

Ruwi agrees, “I believe that there should be love but there is a way you can show your lover how you feel”.

“I think too much of public display ruins the true essence of love because some fake it on the outside whereas inside they feel totally different” says Shaz.

However, getting back to the topic of backseat bus love, Sachi contemplates about how this one thing leading to another can be quite a difficult thing.

“In cinema halls, you get the box seats made especially for lovers so that they can make out but in buses it can be rather difficult unless a couple is travelling in an inter-city bus at night with the lights dimmed” says Sachi.

Ruwi has a different reaction, “But how can you behave in a loving manner when you’re travelling in public or even private transport, you are bound to get caught”.

“Nowadays there are many gays and lesbians also adopting the same technique as heterosexual couples and many onlookers more often than not prevent it” says Sachi.

“I notice that most don’t care about what people do in the backseat of the bus because everyone knows whoever sits there will be upto mischief” says Ruwi.

The trend is changing and more people are becoming open-minded.”Just look at the umbrellas at Galle Face Green - nobody chases those lovers away even though it might be close to the Presidential Secretariat but at Vihara Maha Devi Park, the police do not allow couples to congregate” says Sachi.

“That is because Sathutu Uyana is a children’s park and you shouldn’t corrupt them but still every park has children playing, even Parliament grounds” says Shaz.

“Yes, you do get special parks for lovers but then again, love is everywhere - you can’t stop it!” exclaims Ruwi.

It’s one of those complicated issues where you can’t live without love but you can’t understand it either. “On the topic of backseat love, many onlookers see a couple loving and they see it in a vulgar way” says Shaz.

“Yes, sometimes it can be for satisfaction only, rather than love” says Ruwi who is rather skeptical as public display of affection doesn’t mean true love.

Sachi says, “It depends on the couple - if they don’t have a problem with it, then others shouldn’t either”.

“Oh! This love topic, you can’t analyse it and say that this is how you love at the backseat of a bus, I mean some couples would prefer to hold hands and others can take it in the wrong sense” says Shaz.

“Yes, the best people who have a nice view of couples are the drivers of the vehicles behind the bus, especially other bus drivers” says Sachi with a wink.

Anyway you can’t live without love and couples at the back seat of the bus always add spice to a long and monotonous journey.

“I think that looking at a couple (not in a bad way) actually puts a smile on your face because it reminds of you of how you used to love and maybe about your lover if you are not with them” says Shaz.

Ruwi agrees and Sachi a point, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” “Gosh! Hope you didn’t mean joining them, joining them” giggles Shaz.

Ruwi looks rather knowingly and goes,

“What did you have in mind Sachi?” “Er..No, I meant you should go on the backseat of the bus with your lover and see how it’s like in the hotseat of the back seat” Sachi explains. V3 believes in the ‘Love and Let Love’ theory - do you?

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