Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marry into a healthy family..........Towards a happy marriage..!!!

Marry into a healthy family

Towards a happy marriage

If you want a happily-ever-after ending to your love story ensure that a thorough health check is conducted not just on Mr/Miss Right, but their entire family too.

Two new studies have suggested that choosing relatives carefully is one way of protecting your heart from being broken. According to one study it was reported if an identical twin suffered from melanoma, this increased the risk of the other twin developing the skin cancer at a later stage.

Yes, if your partner’s blood relation is suffering from a disease that can be hereditary, your husband/wife or child too could get it at a later stage in life. This holds true to many ailments like heart problems, various kinds of cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and more. Character traits, finances and others habits can be changed and corrected, but not some deadly genes.

After 15 years of marriage it would be terrible to be told that your spouse or child is suffering from a hereditary disease that he/she inherited from a grandparent. Sometimes, even a parent who is healthy can be a carrier. It might sound selfish but for long-term happiness it’s worth checking out the family’s medical history.

You don’t want things like a history of mental issues to be brought to your knowledge only after you discover your sister-in-law behaving a bit crazy. These genes haunt generations and your child could be vulnerable to them.

Things like baldness can be ignored unless you are an extremely vain creature, but be attentive to other serious issues. When conducting a health check look out for things like whether the disease is recessive or dominant, senior scientist and geneticist, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, Dr. K. Thangaraj says.

“The chances are 50 percent if the genes causing the disease are dominant. If recessive they are 25 percent.”And with certain genes, grandchildren are the ones who suffer them. Also keep an eye out for unhealthy relatives as Dr. K. Thangaraj says, “Since Y chromosome is inherited by males, all the male members in the lineage inherit it. In case of maternal lineage, the mitochondrial RNA is inherited.” The road to true love is never said to be smooth, but it can surely be a healthy one.

If you have any doubts or your partner needs to sort out some issues senior geneticist, Centre for Liver Research and Diagnostics, Hyderabad Dr. M. N. Khaja recommends genetic counselling. He feels this must be encouraged before marriage. This way both parties will get into the relationship with their eyes wide open and can monitor children and get them tested from when they are born for certain symptoms. Ignoring or working around a loved one’s flaws is no big deal, but overlooking their rouge gene could be deadly in the long run.

- Deccan Chronicle

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


For my newly married friends

By Sirohmi Gunesekera

Wish me luck as I wave you goodbye, Here we go on our way…"

The confetti was thrown on the happy couple as they held hands and walked out into the sunshine.

Marriage is a milestone in life and most couples marry expecting to live happily ever after. This is because most people have grown up with the fairy tale unconsciously colouring their lives.

But be careful. Living with another person, especially one of the opposite sex, can be very difficult. He has been brought up one way and you another. Maybe he is used to throwing his shirt and towel just about anywhere while you are neat and tidy to a fault. You may end up crying because your feelings are easily hurt.

At the beginning, expectations are high and there is the intimacy of sex one feel oh so special.

Most Sri Lankan couples have not lived with others before they marry. Never mind the past. Try not to carry hangovers from the past into the present.

But apart from sex, living together and sharing are a whole different ballgame.

"Start as you mean to go on" And share household chores. If you are lucky, find a place of your own where both of you can start life together.

Money is a major problem and it is good to have a proper attitude towards it. Money is required and it is good to have a healthy respect for it but always always remember that the best things in life are free. For instance, if anything happens to your loved one, do you think that any amount of money can compensate? But it is important to try and save money for a rainy day.

If both of you enjoy each other’s company, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on dining in fancy restaurants or going shopping. Today, the world is geared to getting people to spend money to make up for the lack of love in their lives. So if you have love, the sky’s the limit as you enjoy Nature and each other.

Cooking noodles together can help build a memory and is better than buying a packet of rice. DO NOT divide work into Men’s Work and Women’s Work. Share whatever you can and you will find that even taking out the trash can be the occasion for a tender word and a hug afterwards.

Don’t be in a hurry to have a baby because that means responsibilities. If the two of you share a room, now is the time to lock up your room and go on a day trip to Kandy with your camera. Build memories of loving looks and warm hugs as the two of you trek into the hills.

Wake up early and hug each other in the dawn, giving thanks for a brand new day. If both are working, prepare yourself for a day apart and still try to give at least a call during the day.

Evening comes and you sit out in the moonlight and hold hands while counting the stars as they twinkle into being in the night sky. Relax, you can have a late dinner.

Being Newly Married is a very special time of life and enjoy every moment of it for it won’t come again.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Love at the Back Seat of a bus
Shaz, Ruwi and Sachi

One fine afternoon, V3 find themselves in the back seat of the bus which is quite a ‘happening’ place to be especially for couples.

“Why is the back seat of the bus always promptly taken by lovers?” asks Shaz.

Sachi ponders and replies, “It’s the fact that rooms and cinema halls can be expensive with the current cost of living”.

“It is the most private space in a public place for lovers to congregate” says Ruwi.

However, in Sri Lanka, public display of affection, better known as PDA is looked down upon and many have different views on it.

“If you want to love, then it should be in a very private place, the back seat of a bus is rather public as anyone can see it if they look” says Ruwi.

Sachi comes up with a different point, “I think that people should tolerate love because is the essence of life but one thing can always lead to another”.

Well, the one thing leading to another is a rather controversial topic to debate and V3 had their ideas on love as well.

“In fact, most of the first experiences of love are in a bus, especially for students where the flame is sparked by a gentle touch of a bus handlebar or even a simple smile in a crowd” says Shaz.

“That is true and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of loving otherwise you will get frustrated” comments Sachi.

Ruwi agrees, “I believe that there should be love but there is a way you can show your lover how you feel”.

“I think too much of public display ruins the true essence of love because some fake it on the outside whereas inside they feel totally different” says Shaz.

However, getting back to the topic of backseat bus love, Sachi contemplates about how this one thing leading to another can be quite a difficult thing.

“In cinema halls, you get the box seats made especially for lovers so that they can make out but in buses it can be rather difficult unless a couple is travelling in an inter-city bus at night with the lights dimmed” says Sachi.

Ruwi has a different reaction, “But how can you behave in a loving manner when you’re travelling in public or even private transport, you are bound to get caught”.

“Nowadays there are many gays and lesbians also adopting the same technique as heterosexual couples and many onlookers more often than not prevent it” says Sachi.

“I notice that most don’t care about what people do in the backseat of the bus because everyone knows whoever sits there will be upto mischief” says Ruwi.

The trend is changing and more people are becoming open-minded.”Just look at the umbrellas at Galle Face Green - nobody chases those lovers away even though it might be close to the Presidential Secretariat but at Vihara Maha Devi Park, the police do not allow couples to congregate” says Sachi.

“That is because Sathutu Uyana is a children’s park and you shouldn’t corrupt them but still every park has children playing, even Parliament grounds” says Shaz.

“Yes, you do get special parks for lovers but then again, love is everywhere - you can’t stop it!” exclaims Ruwi.

It’s one of those complicated issues where you can’t live without love but you can’t understand it either. “On the topic of backseat love, many onlookers see a couple loving and they see it in a vulgar way” says Shaz.

“Yes, sometimes it can be for satisfaction only, rather than love” says Ruwi who is rather skeptical as public display of affection doesn’t mean true love.

Sachi says, “It depends on the couple - if they don’t have a problem with it, then others shouldn’t either”.

“Oh! This love topic, you can’t analyse it and say that this is how you love at the backseat of a bus, I mean some couples would prefer to hold hands and others can take it in the wrong sense” says Shaz.

“Yes, the best people who have a nice view of couples are the drivers of the vehicles behind the bus, especially other bus drivers” says Sachi with a wink.

Anyway you can’t live without love and couples at the back seat of the bus always add spice to a long and monotonous journey.

“I think that looking at a couple (not in a bad way) actually puts a smile on your face because it reminds of you of how you used to love and maybe about your lover if you are not with them” says Shaz.

Ruwi agrees and Sachi a point, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” “Gosh! Hope you didn’t mean joining them, joining them” giggles Shaz.

Ruwi looks rather knowingly and goes,

“What did you have in mind Sachi?” “Er..No, I meant you should go on the backseat of the bus with your lover and see how it’s like in the hotseat of the back seat” Sachi explains. V3 believes in the ‘Love and Let Love’ theory - do you?